Foggy sunrise over a lake


New growth on branch

Rebooting the brain

It’s been quiet on here for a while, but lots has been happening behind the scenes. Life has been…challenging recently, and I’ve lost some focus. Now that things have settled somewhat, I have many new articles and information to share…

car buried in snow drift

How to get a project unstuck

Have you ever gotten stuck in the middle of a project and not been able to figure out what to do next? Usually when you start a project, excitement and momentum is high. After a while, the momentum slows, newness…

Forest path

On Getting Stuck

I imagine this happens to everyone, but in a “creative” field such as design, it’s almost a regular occurrence. I’m talking about that time when you’re working on solving a problem and you just don’t know the right way to…

rural windmill

An Open Redesign

I wanted to share my philosophy of building this site. I’m sticking with the something simple and fast that I am familiar with. For me, that’s a WordPress site. I already have web hosting set up, and have set up…

A somber, misty image of uncertainty

What I think about when starting a new project

Well, there’s a lot of things to think about. I think the uncertainty and newness of a project can really affect your mental game.  Unless you’re highly specialized in your role – and let’s face it, it seems like more and…