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One of the ways I think the most clearly is by writing. I hope you will learn a useful tip or find something thought provoking.
New growth on branch

Rebooting the brain

It’s been quiet on here for a while, but lots has been happening behind the scenes. Life has been…challenging recently, and I’ve lost some focus. Now that things have settled somewhat, I have many new articles and information to share…

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How to get a project unstuck

Have you ever gotten stuck in the middle of a project and not been able to figure out what to do next? Usually when you start a project, excitement and momentum is high. After a while, the momentum slows, newness…

Freshly frosted cake

UI is like Frosting

I love a good UI. Especially one where you can tell that the person making it really took the time to pay attention to all the little details. But I’ve used some apps that have truly beautiful UIs but little…

Watering garden plants

Why Maintaining Software is like Gardening

In this crazy year that has been 2020, people are spending a lot more time at home. One of the things that has become more popular this year again is gardening. My wife and I have planted a garden for…

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On Getting Stuck

I imagine this happens to everyone, but in a “creative” field such as design, it’s almost a regular occurrence. I’m talking about that time when you’re working on solving a problem and you just don’t know the right way to…

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The Right Tool

I’ve been thinking about the tools I use a lot recently. When I say tools, I mean software. We have so many choices available to us now, which is both a blessing and a curse. I love trying new tools,…

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An Open Redesign

I wanted to share my philosophy of building this site. I’m sticking with the something simple and fast that I am familiar with. For me, that’s a WordPress site. I already have web hosting set up, and have set up…

A somber, misty image of uncertainty

What I think about when starting a new project

Well, there’s a lot of things to think about. I think the uncertainty and newness of a project can really affect your mental game.  Unless you’re highly specialized in your role – and let’s face it, it seems like more and…