Spectrum UI concept cover image showing a slice of each concept image

Spectrum UI Concept

What if we had UIs for all different wavelengths of light? This concept explores that idea.

What if there were UIs for all different wavelengths of light? You’ve probably seen the normal “light” and “dark” mode UIs out there. You may have even experienced something like the “infrared” UI of the Apple Watch Ultra.

This concept explores a UI for a “spectrum controller,” that changes the UI “spectrum” based on the chosen input. In addition to Infrared, Dark, and Light (Visible) modes – this concept explores the possibility of Ultraviolet and X-ray modes.

  • Infrared spectrum UI
  • Dark spectrum UI
  • Visible spectrum UI
  • Ultraviolet spectrum UI
  • X-ray spectrum UI

This was a fun concept to explore, even though Ultraviolet and X-ray modes might not be that practical in real-world use.

The UI is set in Tourney, Azeret Mono, and Chivo – which give it a bit of a retro-futuristic look that I thought was appropriate for such an exploration.

Brian Hoops
Brian Hoops

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