St. Paul's Logo Mockup

St. Paul’s Logo

Logo system for St. Paul's Lutheran Church, School, and Child Care.

St. Paul’s Lutheran lacked any kind of formal logo system. Another branding challenge was the church, school, and child care were separated, but all part of the same organization. Each of these needed to stand on their own, but also have cohesiveness with each other.

St. Paul's Logo and Mark

The logo is set in EB Garamond and Work Sans.

St. Paul's Logo Mark Black

Examples of the mark standing on its own. A strong mark was required, to allow for flexibility and familiarity in any environment.

St. Paul's Logo Mark Filled
St Pauls Logo Mockup
Logo mark leather imprint
St Paul's logo printed on paper
St Paul's logo mark chrome
St. Paul's Lutheran Church alternate logo
St. Paul's Lutheran School alternate logo
St. Paul's Child Care Center alternate logo

Alternate logo variations, when the need for individualized branding is required.

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